This Event benefits Superior Rugby of East Boulder County

Benefiting Kids 5-17 yrs- promoting team work, Sportsmanship & Respect for others.


Traditional foods will be imported from Germany and brought in by local German Caterers to create the "Tastes of Bavaria". So don't look for soda, cheese dip. We also plan to serve all food items on Real Plates.

Please do your dishes!


Food Service

Please Visit us in Lenggries, germany : 

  • Large Pretzels mit Mustard

  • Roasted Almonds

  • Roasted Potatoes

  • Hot Soup und Brot (bread) 

  • Meat & Cheese Plates

  • ​Spatzel


about us

Owned and managed by Endurance Sports and Events....we opened an office in lenggries, Germany in early 2016....deep in the bavarian district & just 15 km to the austrian border.

we realized, with many small details, not many of the oktoberfest events in the U.S.A. stick to the tiny details to make the event feel Authentic to a small Town Oktoberfest.

so... after a 3 year break , we are helping bring back the "original" louisville Oktoberfest With the best "Bavarian" details we know possible.

Wilkommen zum BAVARIA

imported candy


We will have a great mix of local bands and musicians as well as the Traditional Bavarian Style music on our main stage in Steinbaugh Pavilion.

The festival will also have a local DJ playing some of the Top 40 European Musik out of Germany.

Your $5.00 Entry Fee Includes:

All Live Music, Entertainment, Games Area, and the Kids Activities in the Kids Corral.

Please visit our MUSIC PAGE as we update our entertainment and music for the weekend.