Jeff Potatoes are a staple in germany.. try some hot spicy soup (bowl or bread) 

Veggie Burger- 

several styles and flavors available.. served on a plate. 


Imported from germany-   A large part of german culture is candy...and trust us, german kids eat a ton of it!!

Stop by our booth to try some original items from Germany...and of course the many gummi items! 

bavarians version of Mac n Cheese...just a much better. 

Candied Nuts- 

Kase Spatzel- 


Large Pretzels- 


Marshmellows are quitE a treat to Kinder in sit around our fire pit and enjoy a roasted Marshmellow with your kids.

 (Adult supervision required for kids 3-14)

the Marshmellow pit-

Pending approval


the candy Store-

a kids favorite

A mix of several cheeses, salamis, breads w/ assorted sides 

pounded out, deep fried and served with a side of potatoes. True Bavarian food!

Food is the 2nd most important thing at oktoberfest....

...And we are bringing you many bavarian favorites from local chefs, retailers and several items brought in from bavaria!

pay with Cash ONLY, or PURCHASE food / Drink Tickets on-site

A bavarian tradition, served with mustard. don't ask for Cheese dip!

Meat / Cheese Platters- 

Cakes and Breads- 

Food and Drink

Hot Potato soup-

mixed nuts Served in a paper cone in 2 sizes.

(small or Large)

PopulaR for the NON Meat eaters...Served deep Fried or pan seared w/ sauces. 

ADDitional foods coming- and many many more options....stay tuned.

served warm with nutella, sugar and cinn., or just some preserves.