5k/10k Fun Run (all ages) - 9am-11:00Am  (includes entry to fest)

Music is an important part of any oktoberfest.

join us over the weekend for plenty of live music from both american style bluegrass, 80's traditional rock and of course, big band bavarian music. ALL music is on the main stage in steinbaugh pavilion.

                     ​come for the beer and food...but stay the music!!

 $5.00 entry is good for 3 days of music ​​

TEV Edelweiss Dance group - Morrison, CC

                   RETURNING FOR 2018!

JEREMY DION - Louisville CO   

                                      Returning for 2018

Pending - 12:00-2:00pm

Pending - 2:00-4:00pm

pending - 5:00pm-7:00pm

FRIDAY - September 28   2pm-7pm

PENDING - 2:00pm-4:00pm

MUSIK & entertainment

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SUnday - SEPTEMBER 30    11am-4pm


Starting and finishing at the festival...there will bea 5k/10k fun run and a kids 1 mile run....(all ages welcome)

            (includes: t-shirt, entry to fest, beer and A pretzel)