TEV Edelweiss Dance group- Morrison, CO

SCHEDULE TIME PENDING-  a traditional bavarian Style dance group with severaL coloradO awards for their loyalty to traditional dance of the region. They are sure to show you a few steps with you and your kids on stage. 

FeaturED MUSIC- October 7-8, 2017

MUSIK & entertainment

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GORA GORA Orkestar- Boulder CO


JEREMY DION- Louisville CO

that eighties band- Denver CO

SCHEDULE Time PENDING-   An amazing band with truE bluegrass roots. a fan favorite at many colorado music festivalS.

High energy and keeps the party going. 

SCHEDULE Time PENDING-   if you are an 80s will just love this band. from Rick Astley, soft cell, u2 and beastie boys....our headlining band will be one not to miss. 

SCHEDULE TIME PENDING-   This 10-Person band from Boulder colorado will keep you dancing for hours. their sound is a mix of bavarian, eastern european folks and new orleans with a bat beat of american funk.

Jeremy is a Louisville local with a great mile- high "americana" SounD...compared to David Grey or John Mayer. His versatile guitar skills and spectrum of emotional will and folk sound will have you asking for more......

Music is an important part of any oktoberfest.

join us over the weekend for plenty of live music from both american style bluegrass, 80's traditional rock and of course, big band bavarian music. ALL music is on the main stage in steinbaugh pavilion.

​come for the beer and food...but don't miss the music!!

 $5.00 entry is good for 2 days of music ​​